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2017 - 06 - 05
There comes a time in your life when you realize you need to simplify. Get rid of the clutter. Hold on to what you can count on. And put your energy where it pays off. It’s not the kind of notion that whispers to you gently over time. More often, it’s sudden – hitting you right between the eyes in the midst of a breakdown… a day when you have two calls-offs, a missing shipment, computer issues and a water leak. It’s then that you realize quality is worth more than a bargain. You begin to crave consistency - seeking out things that always work and people you can trust. You start placing value on your own time and see clearly that some of those things you have been doing to save money -  are costing you. We believe in keeping things simple. Our vision at IRIS is to change people’s lives and make their art dreams come true in professional and beautiful ways. This can be seen from the way we carefully select our product to the way we organize it into specialized catalogs. As a professional artist, you can easily select from an incredible variety of our professional art items; as a hobby person you will be amazed by our creative items and make you life more interesting; as a student you can find economic but good quality stuff; as a distributor you will just stop and buy. We make it easy for you to find what you need.
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